Profiled D.C. mayoral candidate Andy Shallal for NBC's election coverage.
Published 03.07.14 for NBC Washington

Profiled D.C. mayoral candidate Tommy Wells for NBC's election coverage.
Published 03.06.14 for NBC Washington

Indians are obsessed with weddings and obsessed with reality television. Now Shagun TV, a new television channel headquartered in a sprawling suburb of India's capital, is hoping it has found a can't-miss idea-merging the two into a 24-hour matrimonial TV station.
Published 09.01.13 for The Associated Press

Reported on the difficult lives of Afghan refugees in India. India said it would issue long-term visas and work permits for legal refugees in the country, coveted documents that would give them access to good jobs and education. So far however Afghans haven't received them.
Published 07.24.13 for The Associated Press

Reported on AirAsia, a budget airline to begin domestic flights in India.
Published 07.03.13 for The Associated Press

Article on the placement of nontraditional and provocative holiday displays outside the town of Leesburg, Va.'s courthouse. In recent years, Nativity scenes have been accompanied by displays honoring atheism and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Published 11.26.12 for The Washington Times

Article on a civil liberties group that threatened the town of Brentwood with a lawsuit over reciting the Lord's Prayer at Council meetings.
Published 11.14.12 for The Washington Times

Article on the opening of high-occupancy toll lanes in Virginia - a milestone public-private partnership that is one of the biggest transportation projects of its kind in the country.
Published 11.12.12 for The Washington Times

Article on Maryland's controversial requirement that legal gun owners have a "good and substantial reason" to carry concealed weapons.
Published 10.23.12 For The Washington Times

Front-page story on the resurgence in the mid-Atlantic region’s brown marmorated stink bug population. In addition to being household pests, the bugs attack fruit crops and could cause considerable damage to crops during spring.
Published 10.16.12 for The Washington Times

Article on D.C. government’s plans to transform the historic Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library into a showpiece of modern design and environmental sustainability.
Published 09.26.12 for The Washington Times

Article on a Maryland law, in effect Oct. 1, 2012, requiring mo-peds and motor scooters to be titled and insured and for drivers to take extra safety precautions.
Published 09.24.12 for The Washington Times

Article on a man arrested and charged with animal cruelty for mutilating the claws of a pair of kittens.
Published 09.17.12 for The Washington Times

Published 06.30.11 for NBC Washington

According to a list by The Huffington Post, Howard University students are the District’s -- and pretty much the nation's -- definition of chic.
Published 06.29.11 for NBC Washington

The Montana State Society served up 60 pounds of peeled, sliced and fried bull testicles at the seventh annual Testicle Festival.
Published 06.09.11 for NBC Washington

Truckeroo kicked off the first of its recurring summer festivals with seventeen food trucks, live music, and beer.
Published 06.02.11 for NBC Washington
The Men’s Titanic Society for the 32nd year commemorated the sinking of the RMS Titanic.
Published 04.16.11 for The GW Hatchet

Article on a study that found despite President Barack Obama's pledge to improve government agencies' responsiveness to Freedom of Information Act, barely half of the federal agencies have made strides to improve the FOIA process.
Published 03.24.11 for The GW Hatchet

The surgeon and Secret Service agent who saved former President Ronald Reagan after he was shot discussed the assassination attempt at an event marking its 30th anniversary.
Published 03.24.11 for The GW Hatchet

Article on GW’s campaign to offer resources and counseling to smokers looking to kick their habit. The initiative goes against the national trend of colleges banning smoking on campus all together.
Published 02.10.11 for The GW Hatchet

Story on an alleged burglar who reportedly began breaking into vehicles parked in campus parking garages.
Published 02.03.11 for The GW Hatchet