The 2015 AAP Graduates joined Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the set of “Fox & Friends” to discuss our accomplishments and favorite memories.
AIRED on 11.21.15 ON FOX NEWS

The 2015 AAP Graduates joined Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.” We discussed the skills we honed throughout the program.

Fox News Contributor and Ailes Apprentice Program Patron, Santita Jackson, recaps the 2015 AAP Graduation on “Fox & Friends.”
AIRED on 11.21.15 ON FOX NEWS

Interviewed Eugene Yang at AAJA’s National Convention in San Francisco. Yang, a producer at Buzzfeed Motion Pictures, is shattering stereotypes through his viral web videos.
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AIRED on 09.15.15 FOR AAP

Kids from diverse backgrounds had the chance to practice with professional tennis players as part of a U.S. Open initiative to promote the game.
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Interviewed the U.S. Women’s National Team before they headed to Canada to compete in and ultimately win the 2015 FIFA World Cup.
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Nancy Atwell of Maine took home the first-ever Global Teacher Prize, beating out over 5,000 competitors from over 127 countries. Package about Atwell’s global recognition and her vision for education in America.
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Interviewed the stars of “Margarita With a Straw” - a movie about self-discovery and love - at the New York Indian Film Festival.
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Celebrities, activists, and top political figures joined together to celebrate women’s rights.
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Interviewed Suparna Bhasin, founder of the global women’s empowerment group “She Creates Change” and Jackie Janiec, a life coach working with the foundation. They share their story about helping women take charge of their lives in new ways.
AIRED on 03.31.15 FOR FOX NEWS

Indians are obsessed with weddings and obsessed with reality television. Now Shagun TV, a new television channel headquartered in a sprawling suburb of India's capital, is hoping it has found a can't-miss idea-merging the two into a 24-hour matrimonial TV station. (Video piece sans voiceover).
AIRED on 09.01.13 for The Associated Press

Reported on the difficult lives of Afghan refugees in India. India said it would issue long-term visas and work permits for legal refugees in the country, coveted documents that would give them access to good jobs and education. So far however Afghans haven't received them.
AIRED 07.24.13 for The Associated Press

Fifty-six law students balance a demanding law school curriculum with a seven-week rehearsal schedule to produce the annual sketch-comedy show, the GW Law Revue.
AIRED 02.21.13 FOR The GW Hatchet

Tiny homes could be the next big thing in terms of both sustainability and affordability. This video looks at how the Boneyard Studios group is building and showcasing tiny homes on wheels in a D.C. alley lot.
AIRED 01.25.13 for Planet Forward

This dazzle piece depicts the rising number of natural disasters and the costs associated with them. It asks, "Can we reduce the cost of future disasters?"
AIRED 11.01.12 for Planet Forward

People move around for lots of reasons, and sustainable living is becoming one of the big ones. Is D.C.'s recent population explosion due to the increasingly sustainable nature of the city?
AIRED 10.25.12 for Planet Forward

The number of children that disappear every year in India is on the rise. These children, of mainly underprivileged backgrounds, are often victims of organized crime. This story looks at the system that is not only supposed to protect at-risk children, but also take action to solve missing cases.
AIRED 08.08.12 for Hindustan Times

During Delhi University’s highly-selective admissions season, touts posing as university “agents” lure aspirants with prospects of a seat. Students are often cheated out of thousands of rupees.
AIRED 06.14.12 for Hindustan Times

Among university aspirants there is a common sentiment that attending evening college is looked down upon, even though the degree obtained from both colleges is the same.
AIRED 06.13.12 for Hindustan Times

Story on the eco-friendly and battery-operated G-Riks offering “last-mile connectivity” from metro stations to city hubs.
AIRED 06.11.12 for Hindustan Times

Sitar virtuoso Anoushka Shankar, D/O of the renowned player and composer Ravi Shankar, performed in Washington, D.C. in support of her latest album. Feature on Shankar's unlikely pairing of the rapturous songs of India and the fervid rhythms of Spanish flamenco.
AIRED 05.17.12 for Voice of America

In his visit to Washington, D.C., the Dalai Lama gave a talk on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. Audience members shared their views on the meaning of happiness. 
AIRED 07.11.11 for NBC Washington

In August 2008, I traveled to flood-ravaged Bihar in eastern India. I interviewed villagers, the displaced in refugee camps and army members. This 10-minute documentary conveys the Indian government's lackluster response to the disaster.
AIRED 01.14.13